With the changing face of technologies there have been…


With the changing face of technologies there have been rapid changes in the way business and deal with customers.Everyday, more organizations realize the potential of digitization and the value it will add to their businesses. Internet and SMA (social media, mobile, & analytics) have now become the key business drivers and by leveraging them, businesses can empower themselves to better collate critical data, derive key insights and devise offerings and products matching the consumer’s needs and expectations. Predictive analysis can pave the way for more effective strategies and help businesses predict and improvise as per meet customer requirements.With our Digital Transformation offerings, you can bank on us to make your decision-making smarter and business more efficient. With immense technical experience and a proven track record across industries, we have what it takes to propel your business to a seamless digital transformation.

  In today’s dynamic market, it has become increasingly difficult…


In today’s dynamic market, it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to keep pace with the evolving business landscape. Software and website development is our core area of expertise where we have been attached since last 5 Years in delhi branch & now serving various industries in singrauli. We are a professionally recognized software and website development company having huge experience in developing Software and website development, Web application development and Mobile application services best match to your need and requirements. Windows Software Development rama technologies has been serving both global Enterprises and small to mid-market companies in a broad technologies. Developing custom software solutions. Our software engineers specialize in Internet and Intranet software application development, client and server systems and network oriented software, We also have experience with system programming  along with integrating different types of servers. Well suited to small companies that do not need regular content updates. We support the customers across the project lifecycle, from review and strategy selection through implement of a turn-key system and post deployment support. rama technologies can handle design and development of software systems based on the Windows platforms, either developing all applications or implementing our customers need to integrate into and build their software applications from.

  Our Company offers the complete web design, technical support…


Our Company offers the complete web design, technical support and enabling infrastructure to complete your publish through e-commerce from start to finish. We Believes  in Low in cost, high in performance technique. We offers you extensive information and comprehensive advice on how to develop maximum advantage from the Websites develop for you.

Static Website Design

At rama technologies, a leading web design company in Bilaunji (Singrauli Madhya Pradesh) we combine knowledge, experience and to produce leading edge visuals in web designing. Our static website collection provide absolutes  solution to the businesses or individuals, to post simple information about themselves or about their company onto the static web pages.

Web Page with likeable look,

Animated banner with pleasing animation effects

Company Profile and other details about company

Contact Details and Enquiry / Feedback Form

Products / Services Listing with little briefing and images

Static Gallery of 10-15 images with zooming effect

Benefits of a Static Website Include

Easy navigate of web pages. Cost for a static website is usually lower than a dynamic site fast to design and build Changes can available in the website when you required ,Static Website It is very important to understand for the different businesses.

Our professional website designers and developer work to develop impressive image, meaningful content and utilize ecommerce websites. Design an attractive professional website which is easy to access. Provides static web information with relevant keywords which your website top rank in search engines like Google etc. Static website design we provide a balance between good-quality picture and fast downloads time. We provide unique and modified web page design with positive at competitive market rates.

Dynamic Website Design

We believe all the customer is different individually and have different requirements, either they have own startup company or well established business. At rama technology our Job is to identify actual customer requirement and provide them effective and affordable solution. Most of the dynamic website we create are content management system developed in Word press & Other PHP Framework.

Dynamic Website design can be complex depends on customer design / development requirements, It is really smooth to install any open source product, select specific free theme and start adding content / logo. Normally it take a few hours or day to start with standard dynamic web design. Usually for Dynamic Website Design we only charge for Hosting / Domain yearly fees and in some cases we charge further to our customer when they would need us to do any extra feature, configuration of any plug-in / design element, So with Standard Dynamic Web Design our approach is simple and it afford cost effective solution with quick turn about.

Our Team

To have a team of professionals with expert in variety of tools and platforms. Our developers keep updated with the latest trends. Our skilled professional share a common intelligence for growth. digital india digital business. We design a dynamic websites on demand contains our aim to provide attractive look of a dynamic website which fulfill numerous functions and have cheerful. Our website are such that one feel much comfort and satisfied in making any changes to it. We completely focus to make the dynamic website convenient so that the visitors feel compatible to the website. Dynamic website design are easy for maintenance and they also have less technical faults. They do not require the professionals every time for eliminating the errors. Dynamic website are much reliable than static web designs appealing design and functionality.

Industrial Training and Project Summer Industrial Training Now a day's,…

Industrial Training and Project

Summer Industrial Training

Now a day’s, merely having a degree is no assurance of employment, and it is not a reliable index of the individual’s competence in a job. Rather, graduates must have current and suitable knowledge, practical skill, soft skills and a positive approach to allow them to be competitive in the job market. They must possess the necessary expertise and skills before they go out into the job market. In line with this, the Industrial Training composing of the undergraduate program establish a vital component in the drive to enhance the key capabilities required to improve the graduates’ capability to work.

Explanation of Industrial Training

Industrial Training introduce to a program which aims to provide administered practical training within a specified time period. This training can be carried out either in government organizations or in the private sector companies.


The main aim of the Industrial Training program is to produce graduates who are wanted to face the working world. The program also aims to produce the knowledgeable, proficient and experienced candidates, demanded by employers, who have ability to apply the knowledge acquired at our organization to the job market. The Industrial Training program provides opportunities for exposure to the working job market, which will make candidates more aware of the hopes and confidence that industry has of them. The program also equip students with real work experience. Placing students in industry also increases their chances of employment after industrial training, as there is a strong possibility that they will be offered a job in the same place where they attend the program. Apart from this, the training experience will further strengthen the on-campus learning process and exercise, while also providing students with relevant work experience.


Briefly, the Industrial Training program has seven (7) main objectives:-

1. Give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in a real-life work situation.

2.Provide students with opportunities for practical, hands-on learning from practitioners in the students’ field of study.

3.Expose students to the work environment, common practices, employment opportunities and work ethics in the relevant field.

4.Inculcate soft skills relevant to the needs of employers.

5.Provide opportunities for students to be offered jobs in the same organizations where they undergo Industrial Training.

6.Experience the discipline of working in a professional engineering organization.

7.Develop understanding of the functioning and organization of a business.


At the end of industrial training program, students will be able to:-

  • improve their knowledge and skills relevance to their area of study
  • relate the knowledge and skills acquired at the workplace,
  • compete effectively in the job market, because they have been equipped with the requisite knowledge, skills and practical experience.

Duration of Industrial Training

Duration of the Industrial Training program depends on the requirements of the program of study. Ideally.


Project Based industrial training is conducted by rama technologies partner of jskilz management and Demorgia consulting services pvt ltd in Delhi with a range of courses to be delivered. The programs usually conducted twice a year. The duration of the program varies from 45 to 60 days depending on student needs and professionals are engaged to deliver the program and guide the trainees throughout the program. There are around 20 participants in a batch with a good Student-Trainer-Ratio for effective learning. Upon complete of the program, training certificate and project letter will be provided to successful students.

  Rama Technologies Largest Bulk SMS Service Provider in India…


Rama Technologies Largest Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Rama technologies is a firm in the business of online bulk SMS services, furnishing to all types of customers, small, medium and big sized organizations through our inventive solutions for delivering group text messages all over India through different sms gateway networks. SMS marketing is one of the best opportunities to convey with people instantly. Sending SMS through mobile phones was among such tasks that is like day-dreaming earlier. But with the sms solutions offered by rama technologies, bulk sms marketing becomes quite simple and affordable. We have fruitful designed and delivered many campaigns for our clients and are eager to share it with all those who are looking for an effective medium to reach out to clients within a second at prices that meet the budget.

Sending SMS messages is not only a normal message but most of the big and small brands wish to send bulk sms to their customers and targeted customers through bulk sms gateway to keep them updated and also to promote new start up every now and then.

Bulk SMS Messaging Service

Bulk sms in India is a highly viable trend, all the businesses need to send text messages for various numerous. Whether it is about launching a product or to make a nationwide advertisement, bulk messaging is ideal for all the customer. With bulk sms software we will manage all aspects of customer’s requirements from start to finish!

We design and also run your campaign and if you wish to create a customized bulk SMS campaign based on your own business requirement and time frame, we will promote that for you too.

We offer you two types of Bulk SMS.

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS Service:-

  • Useful for the promotional activities.
  • Sender id will be like e.g. LM-234516.
  • No documents required for activation of account.
  • Message will not delivered on DND numbers.
  • DND messages will not be charged and they will be refund in 48 hours.
  • Unlimited validity.


  • Open Templates.
  • Unicode SMS(MultipleLanguages).
  • 24 hours service with Instant delivery of the messages.
  • HTTP API also Available your panel.
  • Useful for important notifications.
  • Sender id will be provided like LM-ICICIB for ICICI bank.
  • Documents required before activation of account.
  • Message will be delivered on DND numbers.
  • Unlimited validity.
  Digital Marketing & Social Media Digital Marketing is the…


Digital Marketing & Social Media

Digital Marketing is the planning of advancement, distribution, and promotion for products and services or brands with the help of internet, mobile and other reciprocal channels to reach customer. Digital Marketing not only promotion your business but also help growing your company brand by making more people to aware of your product and services, and getting more customer to purchase more from you than they did before.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Banner Ads Blogs Ad Campaigns SMS Social Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing  E-mail Marketing graphics and info graphics.

Social media

social media use of media platforms such as website for the promotion of product and service. it have their own built in data analytics tools, When companies join these social channels, consumers can interact with them directly. That interaction can be more personal to users than traditional methods of outbound marketing and advertising.

Social media is a useful source of market information and a way to hear customer needs. Blogs, content communities, and forums are platforms where individuals/firm share their reviews and proposal of brands, products, and services. To accommodate social networks into their marketing approach, companies have to develop a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy based on social networks is provided.

The strategy includes the following steps:-

Selection of the possible social networks to user friendly for the customer. Provide a financial plan (regarding hiring social media brand managers or consultants) Designing organizational structures to manage the social network in the companies’ market (this may involve adding a social media unit to a creating a new social media branch) Selection of target marketing. Selection of the products, services, or company messages which will be promoted, Performance measures for the social media strategy such as analytics, data evaluation, etc.

In 2016, over 80% of business executives identified social media as an essential part of their business. Business retailers have seen 130% increases in their revenues from social media marketing.

Now perceive innovation and technology as key business enablers, with every domain turning digital and empowering itself with new age technology and applications.

  With the internet and mobile garnering an overwhelming mindshare…


With the internet and mobile garnering an overwhelming mindshare of the people, companies and brands have realized the importance of User experience management, especially on digital channels.
The website is no more just a source of information on the company/ product or brand. It is a fountainhead of information about the product/ service being offered. The websites of today talk to customers and prospects. It gives solutions that are aptly customized to their requirements.

As shown below, Webcenter can be an ideal interface that enhances the power of communication between the company/ product/ brand and its customers/ target audience.


Value Proposition:

  • Content Authoring, Approvals and Division of Work and Multi-Lingual Capabilities
  • Portal Wide Search using Endeca Search Integration
  • Campaign management and content scheduling
  • Contextual Marketing: Location Based, Season based, Demography based
  • Search Engine Optimization and creation of vanity URLs
  • Single Sign On, Social Login, Social Sharing and partner widget integration:
  • Personalization
  • External Content Integration
  • Site Analytics
  Inbound Services(Phone Answering Services) Inbound Service Outsource is a…


Inbound Services(Phone Answering Services)

Inbound Service

Outsource is a provision Home Call Center Services Inbound Call Center is also a Phone Answering Services.

We are at this time working with India’s Largest E-Commerce different type to onboard large number of sellers each month.

Outsource Phone Answering Services

You are losing customers who call after business hours? Does your attainable customer hear busy signals when they call? If your organization is facing a same situation, recognize outsource your telephone answering services to Outsource with us. Rama technologies are one of the India’s largest providers of offshore phone answering services. Several customers have benefited from our professional yet cost-effective live phone answering services.

When you outsource live answering services to an expert like Outsource with our company, you can be assured that every single call that you receive will be answered hastily and in a very described manner. We use the latest technology for our professional answering services to assure that there is a proper circulation of information. Choose Outsource with us as your telephone answering services partner and never again lose the call of another worthwhile customer. You can confirm that all your calls are answered. Outsource business answering services today for this reason we use 24 hour answering services. In this globalization, you could lose a terrific amount of business if you are not answer your phone calls in proper time. Your customers expect you to answer their calls immediate even if it is by an answering machine. In this competitive market You cannot force your customers to give you business only during your working time. This way you might just lose your valuable customers. This is where engaging the business answering services of an expert like us can come to your aid.

Outsourcing live phone answering services we can help you to cater to your customers even beyond your working period without having to keep your office open. At rama technologies, we have live answering service operators who are experienced to handle your calls as if they were working for you from your premise. Your customers will unable to know the difference and your organization will not lose another important call.

By providing in expert answering services outsourcing, you will quickly see your bottom-line increasing. The cost that you would have to incur will not be even enough of the increase in revenue that you will experience.

Rama technologies – Your ideal live answering services partner

You have to consider outsource small business answering services and call answering services to rama technologies and get access to the following benefits:-

24/7 services – Rama technologies can serve your organization with after-hours phone service on a 24/7 basis. We can take care order entries, inbound call services, similar such services.

Profitable services – The answering services of rama technologies are very reasonable priced. The benefits that we attempt our phone answering customers far outweigh the cost involved

Professional Resources – The call answering operators at rama technologies are screened and trained exhaustively to ensure that out customers’ valuable calls are answered proficiently

Latest technology – rama technologies uses state-of-the-art technology and equipments to effectively meet the phone answering requirements of our customers. The answering service is equipped with emergency backup systems that ensure that there will not be any loss of work even in cases of severe power outages

Customized live answering services – rama technologies customizes its phone answering services to meet the unique needs of customers. After thoroughly understanding your needs we will devise a solution that best suits your needs.Start phone answering services today.

Telemarketing(cold calling services)

Home Call Center Services Telemarketing Services Cold Calling Services

We are currently working with India’s Largest different type of E-Commerce to onboard 50+ sellers each month.

Outsource Cold Calling Services

It is a fact that calling up total strangers to talk about our business and assure them to either set up a meeting or buy your product and services, ranks first on the top ten list of things business owners find terrifying and burdensome. But it is also a fact that cold calling is an easy method of promoting your business and at the same time selling your products and service.

The telephone in this case makes for an attractive business tool. Cold calling aids in the process of increasing your income. Does cold calling give you cold feet? Outsource this critical function to rama technologies and see your business flourish. It takes a lot of time and money to hire, train, and manage a team of cold calling professionals within your company. So outsourcing cold calling services is a good for you. We at rama technologies are experts in turning cold calls into certain sales calls. This not only takes confidence and professionalism but also expertise which is what you will get when you partner with rama technologies. Rama technologies cold calling services. We cover many areas through our cold calling services from insurance cold calling to real estate to cold calling telemarketing.

Our cold calling services help you with the following:-

  • Determine your markets
  • Research a company’s business and their HRM needs calling scripts
  • Conduct e-mail campaigns
  • Send out useful introductory notices
  • Conduct cold calling lead generations to capture forecast

When done right, with research, scripts, good presentation and deliver, cold calls will definitely hike your business. You can be assured that the cold calling telemarketing professional at rama technologies will contact customers and strike the deal for you.

Why outsource cold calling lead generation services to Rama technologies?

Authentic cold calling sales scripts

Most people receiving a sales call absolutely loathe hearing fake sales scripts. At rama technologies the cold-calling professionals are well-trained and competent in writing scripts and editing them as the customers need arises. We edit the calling scripts to suit every customer as each one has specialized needs. Our sales scripts are written every year to keep things new and natural.

Experienced cold calling professionals

Everyone is not born a salesperson. Like every skill, the cold calling sales one does, the better one gets. This is partly true of our calling agents. They not only have experience but are also determined and effective lead generators. There are bold and efficient in gaining approach to prospective individuals /companies.

Impressive cold calling

When we do a cold calling business or cold call selling, we make sure the prospect hears about your product or policy in detail with the features in the shortest time, which helps them realize they actually need your solution.

Trust rama technologies to make your calls for you. Get in touch with us today. Contact us to outsource cold calling services.

Contact Us for Telemarketing Services.

Technical support(remote it support services)

Outsource Remote Support Services

When a customer decide to buy products or services, they don’t look that time their features and benefits. They also consider the after-sales technical support that is available for resolve issues that may arise in the future. A customer purchase computer software, for instance, will want assurance that help is available in case the product doesn’t work properly. Customers may also need technical support during their warranty periods.

Businesses understand how important it is to address consumer concerns quickly. Today, an increasing number of Independent Software Vendors and manufacturers are outsourcing remote support services to skilled partners. An expert like rama technologies not only troubleshoots problems through remote assistance, it also helps create leads and can help you cross-sell products and services.

Rama technologies technical support services

We offer a diverse range of offshore remote support services to suit varied customer requirement.

  • Troubleshoot internet service problems
  • Provide assistance for software problems
  • Provide corporate helpdesk support

We can provide remote support to both your end customers as well as act as an internal remote helpdesk for your employees. we can customize a solution to suit your specific requirements. Remote technical support to us and get both Level 1 and Level 2 support.

When you outsource our support services to us, your customers can:-

  • Get remote support over the phone
  • Access online service (through chats or e-mail)
  • Access a self-support web site issues
  • Ask for service technicians to be dispatched

Outsource remote technical support to us and reduce costs

When you outsource remote support to us, we help you:-

  • Reduce cost
  • without compromising on quality
  • Increase revenue through cross-selling/up-selling activities
  • Enhance employee productivity through our internal helpdesk function
  • Increase sales – generate leads and expand contact opportunities
  • Industries That We Serve
  • Retail services
  • Software / IT

Rama technologies– your ideal partner for online tech support

When you outsource remote IT support, you can focus on building your core areas on customer service and support. In this way, you can utilize your own resources better. Outsourcing remote tech support also helps you keep your investment on infrastructure at a minimum. Adopting this strategy can help you survive in an increasingly challenging market.

Contact us to outsource remote support services.

  A School Management System (SMS) is the primary system…


  • A School Management System (SMS) is the primary system for efficiently operating schools, and includes applications like Registration, Enrollment, Attendance, Scheduling, Grade book and exams.
  • SMS are centralized systems used by educators and administrators to collect information needed to manage education delivery, improve student achievement, and ensure accountability.
  • Since SMS are centralized systems, the ministry and schools obtain improved reporting capacity beyond reports just for individual schools or districts.
  • Robust SMS supports policy changes and new education delivery methods to achieve the highest student achievement outcomes.
  • These improved information management systems are now required as timely access to data about student and school performance is critical to achieving education goals.
  • The successful deployment of SMS is critical for schools to gain full advantage of other education solutions such as learning management systems and library automation, as these applications rely on student data.