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Industrial Training


Industrial Training and Project

Summer Industrial Training

Now a day’s, merely having a degree is no assurance of employment, and it is not a reliable index of the individual’s competence in a job. Rather, graduates must have current and suitable knowledge, practical skill, soft skills and a positive approach to allow them to be competitive in the job market. They must possess the necessary expertise and skills before they go out into the job market. In line with this, the Industrial Training composing of the undergraduate program establish a vital component in the drive to enhance the key capabilities required to improve the graduates’ capability to work.

Explanation of Industrial Training

Industrial Training introduce to a program which aims to provide administered practical training within a specified time period. This training can be carried out either in government organizations or in the private sector companies.


The main aim of the Industrial Training program is to produce graduates who are wanted to face the working world. The program also aims to produce the knowledgeable, proficient and experienced candidates, demanded by employers, who have ability to apply the knowledge acquired at our organization to the job market. The Industrial Training program provides opportunities for exposure to the working job market, which will make candidates more aware of the hopes and confidence that industry has of them. The program also equip students with real work experience. Placing students in industry also increases their chances of employment after industrial training, as there is a strong possibility that they will be offered a job in the same place where they attend the program. Apart from this, the training experience will further strengthen the on-campus learning process and exercise, while also providing students with relevant work experience.


Briefly, the Industrial Training program has seven (7) main objectives:-

1. Give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in a real-life work situation.

2.Provide students with opportunities for practical, hands-on learning from practitioners in the students’ field of study.

3.Expose students to the work environment, common practices, employment opportunities and work ethics in the relevant field.

4.Inculcate soft skills relevant to the needs of employers.

5.Provide opportunities for students to be offered jobs in the same organizations where they undergo Industrial Training.

6.Experience the discipline of working in a professional engineering organization.

7.Develop understanding of the functioning and organization of a business.


At the end of industrial training program, students will be able to:-

improve their knowledge and skills relevance to their area of study relate the knowledge and skills acquired at the workplace, compete effectively in the job market, because they have been equipped with the requisite knowledge, skills and practical experience. Duration of Industrial Training Duration of the Industrial Training program depends on the requirements of the program of study. Ideally.


Project Based industrial training is conducted by rama technologies partner of jskilz management and Demorgia consulting services pvt ltd in Delhi with a range of courses to be delivered. The programs usually conducted twice a year. The duration of the program varies from 45 to 60 days depending on student needs and professionals are engaged to deliver the program and guide the trainees throughout the program. There are around 20 participants in a batch with a good Student-Trainer-Ratio for effective learning. Upon complete of the program, training certificate and project letter will be provided to successful students.